Brownsville Fire Department and First Responders


Fire Department

PO Box 138

Brownsville, MN 55919

New Recruits Needed! 

Please inquire by contacting any fire department member.



Our department sets a high standard in saving lives and property by staffing dedicated personnel, purchasing top-notch equipment.

We continue to obtain training from Riverland College, S.E. MN EMS in Rochester, MN, Arrowhead Conference in Duluth, MN, Tri-State Ambulance, Franciscan-Skemp, and Gundersen Lutheran in La Crosse, WI. We also continue to train and fly with area helicopters.

Our crew consists of First Responders, Emergency Medical Technician's (EMT's) Firefighters, and MN State Certified Firefighters.

Ben Novak  - Chief
Dave Guckelberger – Assistant Chief
Valiree Green – Training Officer




Elliot Breeser - Firefighter                       Ricky Payne - Firefighter
Gary Meiners - Firefighter                       Tim Irwin - Firefighter
Megan Budde - Firefighter                      Kiel Serres - Firefighter
Rick Hanson - Firefighter                        Kim Sheehan - Firefighter
C. J. Dvorak - Firefighter                         Brandon Frank - Firefighter
Darin Ideker - Firefighter                         Angela Wolter - Firefighter
                             Michelle Smith - Firefighter