History of Brownsville

churchrestored450_smallDuring the growth of the community, education and religion were not neglected. A brick schoolhouse was built in 1873 and torn down in 1993, with a new Community Center replacing it. The Episcopalian Church of the Holy Comforter, built in 1869, has served as a religious center for almost 100 years. It is open by appointment throughout the year and the church is available for weddings and other appropriate functions for a nominal fee.

The Twentieth Century brought a decline to Brownsville.  Fires destroyed buildings, transportation progressed, and several businesses closed their doors. Front Street disappeared in 1950 when Highway 26 was built.

The pioneers in Brownsville worked hard but they knew how to have fun.  Back in 1855 the Fourth of July was celebrated by barbecuing an ox in a fire pit, by giving speeches and by shooting fireworks. Masquerade

dances were popular and a Drama Society entertained by producing plays. There were dances at  Odd Fellows Hall and at Germania Hall.

Currently, the Brownsville area provides recreation for residents and visitors.  Wildcat Landing (owned by Houston County) has a public boat landing and well-maintained, riverside campsite facilities. Up the channel, Lawrence Lake Marina offers bait, boat rentals, boat slips, snacks, fishing licenses, gift store and antiques. And, finally, to catch a glimpse of Brownsville history, stop at the Community Center during morning hours and check out the Historical Room.