Carol Walhovd Family History


It takes a lot of dedication, curiosity and pride to write about ones family and ancestors. Carol Walhovd was one of these people as four years ago she started feeling regret that she did not question her parents more about their heritage.

Carols parents, Jack and Marie Heisler were descendants of Native Americans. Each had a grand parent with one hundred percent Ojibwe Blood Quantum. Over the years many times Jack and Marie would tell their children of the traditional way they were raised on the White Earth Indian Reservation, in Northern Minnesota. How they were taken from their homes and put into mission schools and forced to live the white mans way. 

Carol, sister Nancy and brother Al all had many memories that needed recording to paper so all their children would know of these and many more events that took place before their time.

Carol took on the job of writing the 138 page Heisler Family Tree. There are stories of the Heisler children growing up in Brownsville. Early school years, climbing the hills, swimming at Wild Cat creek, fishing the banks of the Mississippi, skating and watching their children do the same things.

This book reflects what it is like to be raised in a small town..