There are a few histories floating around Brownsville these days. They give you an idea what was taking place in our little town in years past. One of these accounts was written by Carol Walhovd a resident for over 64 years.

Carol loved this little town so much she decided that a book should be written about it. Knowing that to do a good job she must find help accomplishing this feat. ..She approached a long time friend, Fern Heiller about this task and Fern agreed to be a part of it. And off they went. They each found a couple more girls to help them interview local oldsters and scour the village for pictures.

Word got around quickly and many offered their photos and stories of the “olden days”. After gathering the information, Carol and Fern each wrote parts, making the “Brownsville Story”. It took many months of gathering and compiling but when they were through everyone wanted a copy. They sold like the proverbial, hot cakes.

The book includes stories and pictures of yesteryear before 1976. Then for the Brownsville Sesquicentennial, Carol updated the book with a few more pictures and news.

The 126 page book can be purchased for $20.00 by writing Carol Walhovd PO # 97 Brownsville, Mn. 55919